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 Senior Plans 
Medicare coverage goes into effect the first day of the month you reach age 65.  Be sure to enroll in Medicare Part B (Part A is hospital only coverage) to obtain outpatient services.  However, most people need Medicare supplement insurance to help fill the gaps left unpaid by parts A and B - the deductibles, co-payments and excess charges.  Additionally, a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan (this may be with a different carrier than the Medicare supplement) should also be selected during the initial guarantee period.  All of these plans, Medicare A and B, Medicare supplement and prescription drug plans are guaranteed (no medical questions) three months before you turn age 65 to 3 months after the month you turn age 65.  If you wish to have freedom of choice in selecting your providers and you have not selected your plans yet, we would be happy to help you with the decision. 

Although the Part D prescription drug plans are also guaranteed with no questions asked, it is very helpful to know your prescriptions in order to help select the most appropriate plan.  If you would list your medications including frequency and dosage, along with the condition being treated, we will respond with the plans you should consider.  Please complete the Part D Medicare Prescription Drug Plan worksheet and return it to our office.
We look forward to serving your Medicare supplement and prescription drug plan needs.

Part D Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Worksheet (MS Word)

Part D Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Worksheet (Adobe PDF)

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